Free Paleontological Excavations

Have you ever dreamed to join in a real dinosaur excavation or to unearth giant cave bears? This can become true...
Many fossil excavations around the world need avid volunteers to help digging up and preparing bones and other fossils.

I provide some information about non-commercial excavations worldwide, some of which might be outdated by now. Anyhow, before I start, please allow me a few words in general. 
Please be aware: these free dinosaur digs are only for VERY interested, enthusiastic and motivated people! Usually such excavations are extremely exhausting and there is no guarantee to find anything during the digging time. Furthermore you can not expect to work on scientifically valuable or delicate specimens before you have gained enough experience - and this can take up to many years of practicing...


So, if you love:
* Working fast and concentrated up to 10 or more hours a day
* Dusty air and blistering sun
* Shoveling or chiseling all day without being close to a fossil at all

Then you may get:
* The excitement of uncovering fossil organisms no human eye has seen before!
* A great learning experience
* The satisfaction of working in great landscapes, cool teams, and with unique fossils

* Sore muscles and blisters ;-)